Monday, July 21, 2008

Fourth of July Adventure

Colby and I decided to go hiking for the fourth of July up at Hanging Rock. Usually when we go, we climb the easy trails. This time, we decided to climb the medium trail...
It wasnt too hard! Although I had to explore the wilderness in order to relieve myself because the park rangers wouldn't let me in the bathroom... and having to take a breather every 10 minutes (I know there are no excuses, but the humidity makes it hard to breathe)(Colby didn't enjoy that part)... we made it to the top and back down..(obviously! )
There was another couple that we hiked with almost the whole time. So we "raced" to the top! That added to the fun! Colby and I won, of course!
Once we got to the top we got to see the beautiful smoky mountains! I cant wait for the fall so that we can go and take some even more amazing pictures!

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