Monday, July 21, 2008

Introducing KRONE with a K

Well after Colby I went hiking on the 4th, we went and picked up a new little puppy!
His name is Krone (with a K) but if you ask Colby its with a Crone (with a C)... Its one of those things we are trying to agree on. (Crone -means old hag; Krone- means Crown)
Anyways... I know its kind of a weird name. There is a story behind it though.
I came up with a list of names one of the names on the was Krone the Warrior King. I was thinking of the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and that pitiful Chinese Crested whose name I thought was Krone as well. Colby agreed with me, he said that was the name. We laughed about it. thought that name would be funny and different! Well... funny, it became even more! We were later informed by Christal and Cade that it wasnt Krone, but Kroll...
We could have changed it, but Krone already knew his name! So we decided to stick with it!
He is so much fun and his training is going very well 90% of the time!
We love him and he is so much fun to watch and play with!


James and Cindy said...

ohh!!!! He is so cute. James and I will eventually get a dog, but it wont be that small. We want a Great Dane. Glad to hear things are going well.

Brooke and Kent said...

looks like fun.
I like Crone better than Krone. I mean they are both cool but ya know. Sorry. You don't have to tell Colby I said that if you don't want to hahah. Have fun!

Chris & Christal said...

Oh how I love my little man!

Kerrie said...

Poor little thing... so not cute! :)

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