Friday, February 17, 2012

Its a boy!

After what seemed like a forever wait we finally had our first ultrasound/anatomy scan yesterday!
Baby was being active and playing with his feet! Our ultrasound tech was very nice and walked us through everything she was doing and why. I had read a whole bunch of horror stories about techs that wouldnt talk to you but that wasnt the case for us!

Baby was measuring 19w4 days (I was 18w6 days) but they dont change the due dates unless it is an 11 day difference.
Baby's estimated weight was 10 oz and was 8 inches long and is in the 86th percentile.
Heartrate was 162 beats per minute
and baby is a BOY!!

We are so excited for our little boy! We were a little bit surprised, we had been thinking it was going to be a girl, but the Howard tradition held strong!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the ultrasound!

And here is the video of him trying to grab his feet!!


Brandy said...

That is so awesome. Congrats!!

Amanda said...

Im so excited for you guys!

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