Tuesday, February 28, 2012

half way!

I cant believe how fast time seems to be going by!!

At 21 weeks :

still craving salads (cafe rio chicken specifically, which I have had 2x this week!! yumm!)
Pink lemonade is my 2nd drink of choice next to Water of course!
Gained 9 lbs
Definitely feeling some stronger kicks! I started to feel him and know what I was feeling around 18 weeks but it was very subtle. Now I feel quite a few strong movements after I eat good food and when I lay down for bed! Colby has yet to feel them, but I have a feeling it wont be long before Im being kicked constantly!
Bought my first (and second) pair of maternity pants! They are so comfy I may never wear real pants again!!
Had two strangers actually ask me how about my pregnancy! I guess I am noticeably pregnant now!

This week I am missing Colby! He is in Mexico with my dad and a whole bunch of other people doing a Baja run! Basically driving dune buggies and motorcycles down the mexican coast! I cant talk to him until he gets back on saturday, although I do have confirmation that he is alive :) and is having a blast, thanks to wifi!!

I also went to do a 3/d ultrasound with my mom, grandma, brother and sister this past weekend! It was fun to get to see some of baby boys features and share that moment with my family!

Here is my 21 week pic and some pic from the 3d ultrasound!! Who do you think he is looking like??


Brooke Jorgensen said...

oh I LOVE it!! You look so cute! and I love the ultrasounds. Especially the video, Thanks for sharing!!

Alex & Barbara said...

oh JEN! I feel like a horrible friend! I am soooo happy for you! i haven't talked to you in ages and I found my password to my blog today and CONGRATULATIONS! oh, being a mommy is the best thing ever and you are totally going to be one rockin mama! You are too cute! You are a beautiful preggo lady :P Hope all is well! Nothing but LOVE from the kramers! xoxo

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