Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weekend Fun

We decided to head up to Vegas for the weekend to hang out with the family.
Even though there is a lack of pictures we did lots of fun stuff, although we really missed Karli and her constant entertainment:

Jenifer - got my hair done, had a photo session, went to the mall, drove around henderson, and hung out with my  mom and brother.

Colby - went ot the swapmeet, went to Pawn Stars shop, tried to tour Ricks Restoration unsuccessfully, went to check out a cool Dune buggy, and hung out with my dad.

We - went on a double date with my brother to the CSI:Experience at the MGM (got free entertainment by watching all of the JOURNEY concert goers) and dinner at Buca de Peppa, ending the night at Coldstone!
I only got two pictures of the entire weekend... I really need to work on that!

We got to wear these cool official CSI vests during the experience!

Its so nice to be able to hang out with my family on a whim like that! We are looking forward to hanging out with them in a couple weeks (sister included) in SoCal!

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