Saturday, October 22, 2011


Halloween is almost here! It doesnt seem like we have lived here for 5 months, and I really cant believe that October is nearly over! Our heat wave definitely came back after one week of 80's it went back into the upper 90s and even low 100's! I am ready for fall food (yummy pumpkin) and fall weather but it just doesnt seem right since we can still go swimming!
There is a pretty big farm just around the corner from us and they set up a pumpkin patch, petting zoo, and corn mazes (one being haunted)! It was a blast! Its the weirdest thing being surrounded by fields in middle of a big city, especially in the desert!
This was my first haunted corn maze, and COlby & I's first haunted experience together! We went with some of our new friends Nathan and Kira (it was Kiras first time in a haunted anything!) and we all had a blast! There were several times that we just ran through it because we were so scared, which made it even more fun because then more people would just pop out of no where!
Obviously I couldnt take pictures of the corn maze, but here is us at the petting zoo! We found out Colby is the horse whisperer and that it really tickles when ducks try to eat from your hand (especially when you dont have any food in it!)

right after we had all been terrorized!

 Cute litte kids!

No idea why its so fuzzy!


Kerrie said...

That looks like fun...! oh, and the one picture of you and Colby that is fuzzy... the reason is because those are ghosts. You can't see them in person but that's how they come through on film! eek!

Brooke said...

so much fun! I bet you were scared to death! I want to come out there and see you guys some time! It would be lots of fun!

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