Friday, November 12, 2010


I know I brag a lot, bug Colby never ceases to amaze me with his talents!
We decided to tile around the fire place and went and searched for tile at our 2nd home (Home Depot)!
We found the perfect tile and the perfect accent tile! Although the H.D. we were at only had 3 of the ones we wanted and 2 of them were broken. So we headed off to another store which was definitely in the ghetto. (I didnt even know it existed!) They had 13 tiles and we needed 11. The guy told us we should go ahead and buy all 13 just in case because these certain tile sell like hot cakes! We decided not to but regretted it the next day! How did that guy know!!
Here is the little suckers that sent us on a scavenger hunt!

We got the rest of the tile at the store and then headed home!

Accent corners

Marazzi Montagna Belluna if you were wondering the color :)

Colby started working on it yesterday morning around 9 and didnt finish until 2! It normally takes just a couple hours to tile an entire bathroom to put it into perspective. He soon realized that he needed one more  6 X 6 piece and 1 more little bronze accent piece..
He headed back to the original home depot that had that 1 good piece and found it hidden under some boxes! Lucky! When he went to the register to check out the cashier couldnt get the 6 X 6 tile to scan into the system and her nails were preventing her from typing in the numbers. Colby then attempted to type in the numbers but she pressed the wrong button and cleared everything out. Oops! She got impatient and told Colby to just leave with the tile. He was confused and tried to tell her no but she said to go ahead. I told him it was a little kickback for buying so much stuff from there!!
Anyways after hours of hardwork, blood, sweat, and maybe tears (just kidding) Colby finished the tile work and now just has to grout it! I can't believe how beautiful it is!

After he grouts it we will put threshold aroudn the edges to make it look finished but anyways, I am just so impressed with it!!

Thats all for now, I will post more when it is completely done, I just couldnt wait to show it off!!

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