Saturday, October 23, 2010

busy busy!

Colby has been busy!
He finished our floors! All of them! The only floor related item left to do is to put the quarter round molding around the edges! They are gorgeous!!

He finished our tile! He tiled both the upstairs bathrooms and the downstairs laundry room! The dogs were "helping" me with the laundry...

We got new knobs for all of our cabinets! It makes a world of difference but it still doesnt make our "pinkish" cabinets look any better! :) I can't wait until we paint those suckers!

and because he is cute!

I get to teach the relief society lesson tomorrow. That is my new calling and it is my first official week teaching and I am a little nervous. It was a talk from the Ensign which means I had to make up my own questions! Those lesson manuals are good for something! :)

In other news, My photography business has really been picking up! and I am so excited about it!! I have tried to revamp my photo blog page to make it look more professional! And I learned how to make my own logo using photoshop! Woohoo! I am hoping that it keeps getting busier! My goal is one photo session a week!


Keith and Christina Collins said...

That is awesome about your business!! I'm so happy for you! You are very talented and I can't wait for you to take pictures for my family:)!

DeAnna said...

Those floors look awesome! Flooring is the one thing I have never done when it comes to a reno. I am going to tile our bathroom next month mainly to see if I can do it and so the flooring matches the rest of the bathroom that I am in the middle of renovating.

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