Friday, February 26, 2010

Date Night

Colby and I had a fun date night last night! Since he works the weekends we usually try and go and do something on wednesday or thursday since those are his days off!

So we started our date off by going to look at the puppies at the pet store. Yes, i do know that we already own two crazy dogs, but we still enjoy looking and playing with at all the cute puppies! They had some adorable morkie girl pups that we played with! They were so TINY!!

Then we headed to Bonsai to get dinner! As always dinner was delicious and quick!

We then went to Garden Ridge to loook around! It's always fun to look at the stuff in there! We saw some nice rugs and some interesting decor! We ended up buying the dogs a bed since they (kazzi) destroyed their old one a while back!

As we were going down the long checkout isle we saw all the candy and decided we wanted to go to a movie!

We headed to the Palladium and saw Avatar in 3-D. It is a great movie and the 3-d was pretty cool!

Then we headed back home and got back just in time to watch the womens long free style figure skating. Almost all of them gave flawless shows and exceeded their personal best scores!

I am so glad that we can always have a good time no matter what we are doing together! Thanks for a fun night Colby!

Here's us in our awesome 3-d glasses at the movie!


Claire and Tyler said...

That picture is soooo hott. I need some of those killer shades...

Jenifer Howard said...

I kept mine just for you!! THey were too hott to recycle! haha

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