Friday, February 26, 2010

and i was doing soo good!

I was proud of myself for the week, maybe two weeks I posted regularly! What happened!!

So here is an update of the past month!

Well we finished painting the entire condo (and by we I mean Colby because apparently I really do suck at painting...even if it is the same color going on the wall.... )
We painted the second bedroom the same color as the master and rearranged the room a little bit so it looks bigger! I have been meaning to take pictures of it but all of the pictures from around the house have been sitting on the bed in there and who wants a picture of that!
The rest of the house was painted basically the same color as it was, we had a lot of scuff marks on the wall from my clumsiness. and my sisters.. and my dads... both of them fell out of our papasan chair when they were here back in '08 and hit the wall.. and I ran into our giant clock on the wall and it fell/slid down the wall leaving a trail of black!
anyways, now our living room and bedrooms are all put back together and looking fantastic!

I was able to shoot my very first wedding a couple of weeks ago! We borrowed Brittany's camera and Colby was able to be a second shooter! It was a lot of fun! I wasnt able to take any pictures outside like I normally do because it was freezing!!, but we got some great shots and I should be done editing them this weekend!

We found a house that we loved about a month ago and put in an offer! and then another and then another... this has gone on for the past 3 weeks! The seller was being a real pain! We finally gave him our final offer this past Friday and gave him the weekend to think about it. We heard back on Monday and he wanted us to go and sign a formal offer. We had been doing it all through emails since the realtors worked through the same company. So, we sign the offer on Tuesday. We were thinking this is good news, right? Why would he waste our time to have us sign an offer if he is wasnt going to say yes? Well this guy just wanted to be a pain in our side. He decided to counter offer our final offer... I didnt even think this was allowed!!! Obviously if we are giving our final offer we arent going to budge! Colby and I were both pretty frustrated that he even had the nerve to do that! We had our realtor express that and that our final offer is a final offer and gave him 24 hours to respond since he already had 5 days to think about it.
Anyways. He did NOT accept it.

I am actually kind of relieved because if we were dealing with this much hassle just with the price, I dont even want to know what we would have had to deal with to get him to do some necessary repairs to the house!

So that's our update.

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