Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birthday fun

Yesterday I turned the Big 2-2! It was a long day but turned out to be fun!

Colby surprised me with new laundry baskets. They are super nice and just what we needed! They are similar to this one:

Then we went out to eat at Bonzai my favorite Japanese restaurant. The food their is fantastic and so well priced! It is way better than Kabuto (where we went last year for my birthday!) and 1/3 the price because they don't cook it in front of you!

Then we went to the dollar store. I know its silly but this is always our fall back store we go to when we are bored and have nothing elses to do. We had gone in to find the dogs some new toys because Kazzi "killed" all of the ones they did have! We found mini hulk frisbees and a small hippo and rhino! Then we found the greatest treasure!

I was always so amazed with these things when I was little! They are so much fun to play with and watch "grow"! I know, kinda dorky but we had a good time with it! We also went and got ice cream at Coldstone and walked around Garden Ridge and discussed Colby's future man cave/theatre/game room... It was fun!

We finished the night watching the NC State vs Carolina game. I fell asleep during half time but was told that Carolina won!

Thank you everyone for all of the birthday wishes texts, phone calls, and cards! It was a great birthday!

**In case you were wondering, the rhino and hippo didnt make it through the first two hours of their new life. They are missing all four legs, ears, and faces.... may they rest in peace...**


Cade and Brittany said...

I am loving your news years resolution to update more often!! Glad you had a wonderful birthday and that you could spend it with Colby. Happy 22!!

Kerrie said...

Ditto to what Brittany said! Love you baby girl! <3 Mom

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