Friday, January 15, 2010

All rolled into one gigantic post!

***This post is mainly for my documentation so don't feel obligated to read it, it is long!**

I cant believe how fast 2009 went! It seemed that all the days just flew by and the closer it got to the end of the year, the faster the days went!

We were busy in December! First of all my Grandma Kuhn passed away on December 13th. She was so ready to be at peace and to live with our Heavenly Father again. Colby and I traveled up to Wiminac, Indiana on Friday the 18th. It was close to an 11 hour drive, which is the longest road trip we ahve taken together! We also brought the dogs so that my family could meet Kazzi and so that they werent without us for 2 1/2 weeks! I was surprised how well they did in the car! Kazzi sat in my lap the entire way there and back while Krone was in the kennel in the back seat. We arrived on Friday afternoon just in time for the viewing. We got lost in winimac with all the numbered roads. They literally live in the middle of corn fields and everything looks the same. We eventually found it after stopping and knocking on someones door where they just directed us back to the main road where we met my dad.

The viewing was long, but great. I was given the task of giving the eulogy for the funeral and up to that point had no idea where to even begin. I was able to talk to family members and friends of my Grandmother and ask them for special memories. I will always cherish that time, I got to know so much more about what a wonderful woman she was. After the viewing we went home and went to bed. We were both worn out from the long day.

Saturday was the Funeral. Colby sang "I Believe in Christ" with my sister, gave the opening prayer, and also sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" with all of the grandchildren that were present. I appreciate him being so wonderful, and helpful for family members he had just met or had previously only met once before. I am so blessed to have such a supportive husband! The entire service was wonderful and had such a strong Spirit. It was also a wonderful testimony of the gospel. Most of Grandmas friends and relatives are devout Catholics and were able to learn about why the gospel is so important!

It was a quick but great trip and I was glad we were able to see the family.

After we got home we were off again to Las Vegas to spend Christmas! This time the dogs got left behind!

We arrived Tuesday night and drove to California early wednesday morning to go to Disneyland & California Adventure!! It was Colby's first time at Disneyland and other than the crowds it was the perfect time to go! We even got him a button at city hall saying "First timer"! The decorations were beautiful and we were able to ride all the rides we wanted to atleast once and some more than once! We drove back to Vegas Christmas morning and had a wonderful lunch my Mama prepared for us! Then we opened presents! Colby and I were spoiled and so grateful for everything we recieved!
The rest of the vacation was spent playing the new Life game, laughing, and going to visit friends! I was finally able to meet my best friend Anns beautiful baby Cora! I was also able to be there for my friend Shane's mission farewell! I was glad I could be there for that even though his departure date was pushed back a month!

We completely failed at taking pictures anywhere besides Disneyland and the farewell! I even had my point and shoot with me the entire time, I guess we were just too busy to think about pictures! Shame on me!!

Here is a couple of pics from Disneyland!

It was a wonderful holiday season!
For New Years we invited the Collins and the Coltons over for a little new years eve party! I made homeade pizzas, we had tyson anytizer boneless chicken wings (I highly suggest these) and cupcakes!! We had fun playing games and just chatting! It was a wonderful way to ring in the new year!!
This is one of my new years resolutions by the way!!
So there is my not-so-little catch up post of the holiday!! Now I can move on with my blogging life!

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