Monday, December 1, 2008

thanksgiving weekend!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!
We went down to Kinston to eat with part of the Howard clan!
I forgot to take pictures on THanksgiving day, but I got plenty of pictures on Friday!
We started our day off with a large snake skin found in our bathroom!

That was an experience!
Then we hit the road and headed down towards the ocean! 
It was my first time on the Atlantic coast!

Colby couldnt seem to get a picture of me just standing there, so Im walking in all the pictures. I picked the best one! 
Then we went to Ft. Macon. It is an old civil war fort that has been made into a monument.

It was really neat to see a piece of history like Fort Macon.
Oh and we took this cool shadow shot!

1 comment:

Brooke and Kent said...

oh how much fun for you!!! I have never been there.

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