Saturday, November 15, 2008


5th folder, 5th picture.
Except there were only 3 pictures.

Here is my little Gunnar. He was so cute and sweet. He now weighs close to 100lbs!! 
I miss him! :)

I tag ALL


Kerrie said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww he was so adorable... no he's just a huge cow! he's still cute though!

Keith and Christina Collins said...

Awww that is the cutest picture ever!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! your dog is so cute!

Chris and I have been doing well! Just getting ready for the holidays with both families and everything. The new job is wonderful and I couldn't be happier with any other. Thanks for asking!

Yes, we definitely need to hang out! I know it is so busy during the holidays but we should at least try. Lol...

How are you and Colby and Krone doing? I hope all is well.

Well if I don't get to talk to either of you before Thanksgiving or Christmas... I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!

Tell Colby to give Chris a call or something and maybe we can set up something! ttyl!

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