Saturday, September 20, 2008

headboard project

I really wanted a headboard but didn't want to buy one. After talking with Brittany we decided that we were completely capable of making one ourselves! 
After deciding what kind of headboard we wanted to create (upholstered or plain wood) we went for the wood! 
We went to Home Depot to get the wood and then to walmart to grab some other supplies! 
We got started on our project the following week.
 We had to cut the wood (Thanks to Rylan for taking the pictures!)

  Then we screwed on the 2 X 4's on the back.

Then we had to make sure that everything was level and even. (This was the hard part!)

VOILA!! almost finished product!

We stained it about a week later and Brittany put a second coat on it! It took about a month from completion to get it to my house because we needed the trailer and someone to help get it up the stairs! Colby was to the rescue! We got it set up and looks great!

Note: the large pile next to the bed... that would be half of Colbys things that aren't put away yet. We got a steal on a new dresser yesterday so...Hopefully this week! :)


D. said...

Looks great!! Definately in touch with your inner handy-woman.

Cade and Brittany said...

Man you did a great job and that Rylan he is one handy man at the camera. His mother must be so proud of him!!

Looks great!!

Brooke and Kent said...

Looks so good. And looks like you guys were having a blast.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jen, I'm impressed!! That is awesome.

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